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Each Member by becoming a Member or continuing to be a Member assents to the following agreement among the Members. This agreement shall be known as the Covenant …
We believe the Holy Spirit led each of us personally1 to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior, 2 and we have declared our faith by word3 and baptism. 4 Because of this, we willingly enter into a covenant with all the members of Bethel Baptist Church, as one body in Christ. 5…

You know that amazing coach in an inspiring sports drama
Think of Rudy, Hoosiers, Gridiron Gang, Rocky, Creed, The Blindside, (enter your fav tear jerking sports movie here)_________
I don’t know about you but I am a sucker for that stuff. The story of the struggling underdog overcoming obstacles in life and then making champions out of others.
Wouldn’t it be sweet if a world renowned coach showed up in your day and brought out your inner champion?!
You get exactly that TODAY!…

Debra reveals she may not be quite as passive as she seems — and not a moment too soon.

View All Sewing Patterns, Fabricworm brings you a modern and curated selection of beautiful sewing patterns for all.

Clean grills improve barbecue food flavor and presentation says BBQ expert Jeff Igel. All you need is a wire brush and heat. And maybe a beer.

There have been some recent hair trends that girls are obsessed with – going bald, Amber Rose style, or perhaps dying your hair a multitude of rainbow shades. But for guys, sometimes less is more. These hairstyles are bound to make any guy go crazy over you. We’re not sure what exactly it is about …

Grilled, sliced, cured or smoked, cheeseheads have a reputation for loving the almighty bratwurst as much as a cold beer or an aged cheddar.

There are many different sawing methods and techniques to turn logs into lumber including live sawing, cant sawing, plain sawing, grade sawing, and quarter sawing. To get you started, here is an introductory course in sawing your logs to lumber
Live Sawing
Live sawing, also known as slab sawing or through and through sawing, is when a log is sawn about halfway through on the opening face and then turned once to the opposite face for sawing until the log is finished. Although…

Severe bleeding or bleeding that doesn't stop within 5 minutes; Choking, difficulty breathing or nonstop coughing and gagging; Bleeding from nose, mouth,

Here's how to easily create your own two tone furniture that is exploding over Pinterest! Click to see how easy it is to achieve that farmhouse look!

For those in need of ankle, knee, hip, or spinal surgery or other orthopedic surgery here is a list of the top orthopedic surgeons in Pennsylvania.

A driver had an extremely lucky escape when his car hit a ramp on the approach to a road tunnel, sending it flying into the air.

Guide to Live Tweeting Church Events is filled with pro-tips for creating hashtags, hardware tools, choosing management and projection platforms, crafting twee…

From red and white to sparkling and sweet, know when to finish an open bottle and when to cook with it.

Our friends at Book Box Daily, Scholastic Reading Club's official blog, have provided some great holidays gift guides this week to help parents, teachers and more find the perfect book for the child in their life.

Every thrift store has different rules, but these items are commonly turned away at donation centers. Call ahead to see if your local store can accept them.

Who wouldn’t want a bigger refrigerator, a quieter dishwasher or a new gas stove? But before you indulge in some retail therapy, check out what appliance experts say you should consider when buying new appliances. Ask about fees When comparing prices, be sure to ask questions regarding delivery and installation fees. “Many stores don’t include the required hook-up parts with your purchase,” says Rick Ritt, builder sales specialist with Snow Brothers Appliance in Cleveland. Make

Remington M 1911A1 .45 ACP caliber pistol. WWII government issued 1911A1 by Remington-Rand Inc. Excellent bore. Manufactured in approximately 1944. Action works perfectly. Gun has approximately 97-98% finish (parkerizing). Grips are excellent. Comes with WWII Aviator shoulder holster. Came with the gun from family.

Welcome Hummingbird Fans There are a lot of choices for plants that attract hummingbirds to the garden. The goal, of course, is not only to get their attention

Featuring thrill rides, roller coasters, family classics, kid rides, miniature golf, games, food and more. Fun for the whole family.

1. To adequately insure one's condo apartment, it is important to review the condo association's bylaws and proprietary lease to find out which structural

When you invest in a set of new tires for your car, you can make them last longer if you’re … Read More »

Chef Richard Sandoval of Maya Mexican Restaurant in New York shares with us his recipe for Capirotada (Mexican Bread Pudding), the perfect dessert for the coming holidays.

The 10th annual predictions questionnaire looks ahead to local legislative sessions, Va. elections and sports playoff hopes.

I have often wondered if working at a library was the place I was supposed to be. I arrived in the United States in 1986 and the following year landed my first job at Mather Air Force Base Library in California.
It was a bit intimidating working as a Library Aid while not knowing anything about the new country I now called home.

Just remember: when you need to steady yourself on a tree branch, you may get more than you bargained for.

Country will also consider creating teaching-focused professorships to stop academics being overloaded by responsibilities

Chris Sajnog is a retired Navy SEAL, an experienced sniper and a much sought-after firearms instructor. Sajnog was chosen to write the curriculum for the Navy SEAL Sniper training program — the same program that trained “American Sniper” Chris Kyle. He has two combat deployments: Bosnia “back in the day” with SEAL Team 2, andRead More

A top local surgeon and the ex-husband of ABC News’ chief women’s health correspondent killed himself by leaping off the George Washington Bridge, it was reported Sunday. Dr. Robert Ash…

Our infographics and map reveal the 100 best selling liquor brands in the world. See the brands who dominate the global booze business now!

Italy produces the most wine in the world. But Italian wine can be intimidating for beginners due to the unfamiliar grapes — it's more Nebollio & Verdicchio than Merlot and Chardonnay. But the secret to drinking Italian is… it's all about the food! Italians rarely drink without food. Match your meal to the ideal wine, and enjoy a pleasant introduction to drinking like an Italian.

Many homeowners and DIYers often have old wood stored somewhere that’s not inside the house. This wood can often be found in the backyard underneath a tarp, under a shed, or it can be an old piece of wooden furniture. After all, where else would you put

Simplicity brings you this how-to winterize guide for tractor and riding lawn mower storage with tips on changing the oil, adding fuel stabilizer and more!

Blonde hair can be high maintenance and that often comes with a high price tag. Here are some simple hair care tips for dyed blonde hair that won’t cost you a lot. I’ve been colouring my hair for years and going from blonde to red hair I admitted I was obsessed with being a blonde...Read More »

Rescuers were shocked when they discovered 14 plastic tubs outside their animal sanctuary with something moving inside. Upon investigation, they retrieved a total of 16 kitties.
Even with kitten season underway and already hundreds of cats under their care, they refuse to let any of these kittie...

Looking for a dog breed or mix that likes swimming, boating or fishing? We asked 249 veterinary professionals to vote on the most water-loving dogs.

Some builders handle polycarbonate panels so infrequently that sharing a few tips and tricks would be helpful to ensure a successful installation.

Find out what hair color trends are out for 2017 at

Learn the Top Ten Warning Signs of Cancer in Pets with Aztec Animal Clinic's guide. To learn more visit our animal hospital in Albuquerque, NM.

Getting your first tattoo can be quite a commitment, here's some advice on picking the right body part for your first ink.

Blockage of the outer ear canal due to an accumulation of ear wax is one of the most typical causes of short-term hearing loss. If you’re relatively certain that ear wax is the cause of your temporary hearing loss, you most likely want to clean your ears. Even so, you must clean them safely and …

WARNING: Mt Baker Vapor e-liquid products contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. Our products are not smoking cessation products and have not been tested as such. Our products are intended for use by adults of legal smoking and vaping age in their relevant jurisdiction, and not by children, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or…

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