Religious Organizations in Eugene OR - Lane County

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  • Church of God the Eternal

    Bible Study

    Religious Organizations in West Eugene, Eugene

    780 Bailey Hill Rd Ste 6 West Eugene Eugene, OR

    (541) 344-8880

  • Eugene Friends Church

    Podcast, Bible Study

    Friends Church in Churchill Area, Eugene

    3495 W 18th Ave Churchill Area Eugene, OR

    (541) 484-9998

  • Crow Applegate Church of the Nazarene

    Christian, Church of Nazarene, Contemporary, Evangelistic, Inspirational

    Church of the Nazarene in Eugene, OR

    25735 Crow Rd Eugene, OR

    (541) 935-1331

  • Santa Clara Church of Christ

    Christian, Church of Christ, Preschool, Nursery School, Pre Kindergarten

    Church of Christ in Santa Clara, Eugene

    175 Santa Clara Ave Santa Clara Eugene, OR

    (541) 689-2127

  • Westside Apostolic

    Apostolic Church in Far West, Eugene

    1161 Grant St Far West Eugene, OR

    (541) 334-4673

  • Eugene Friends Meeting

    Friends Church in South University, Eugene

    2274 Onyx St South University Eugene, OR

    (541) 343-3840

  • Eugene Mennonite Church

    Mennonite Church in Churchill Area, Eugene

    3590 W 18th Ave Churchill Area Eugene, OR

    (541) 343-9548

  • Oregon Hillel

    Religious Organizations in West University, Eugene

    1059 Hilyard St West University Eugene, OR

    (541) 343-8920

  • Criswell Mike Rev

    Clergy in Active Bethel, Eugene

    2301 E Irwin Way Active Bethel Eugene, OR

    (541) 689-3229

  • Lorane Christian Church

    Religious Organizations in Eugene, OR

    80290 Old Lorane Hwy Eugene, OR

    (541) 942-7434

  • Spencer Creek Lutheran Church

    Lutheran Church in Eugene, OR

    86286 Pine Grove Rd Eugene, OR

    (541) 344-4093

  • Valley River Assembly of God

    Podcast, Bible Study, Churches Assemblies of God, Pentecostal

    Assembly of God Church in Cal Young, Eugene

    900 Robin Hood Ave Cal Young Eugene, OR

    (541) 484-0632

  • Church of Christ Eugene

    Bible Study, Christian, Church of Christ

    Church of Christ in Cal Young, Eugene

    2424 Norkenzie Rd Cal Young Eugene, OR

    (541) 687-9351

  • ST Vincent DE Paul

    Cfc Gases, Textile Fibers

    Religious Organizations in Cal Young, Eugene

    2890 Chad Dr Cal Young Eugene, OR

    (541) 345-0595

  • First Church Nazarene

    Church of Nazarene, Contemporary, Evangelistic, Inspirational

    Church of the Nazarene in Jefferson Westside, Eugene

    727 W Broadway Jefferson Westside Eugene, OR

    (541) 484-1814

  • ST Vincent DE Paul

    Disaster Relief, Thrift Stores, Volunteer

    Religious Organizations in West Eugene, Eugene

    2345 W Broadway West Eugene Eugene, OR

    (541) 284-5024

  • ST Vincent DE Paul - Retail - Boutique

    Religious Organizations in Downtown, Eugene

    Books, Mattresses, Linen, Furniture, Box Springs, Consignment Service & Shops, Clothing, Donations, Furniture, Furniture, Jewelry, Mattresses, Pillows, Sofas, Thrift Stores, Volunteer

    555 High St Downtown Eugene, OR

    (541) 344-2115

  • Eugene Baptist Temple

    Baptist Churches in Eugene, OR

    3455 County Farm Rd Eugene, OR

    (541) 687-0096

  • Hosanna Christian Fellowship

    Christian Churches in Active Bethel, Eugene

    2111 Minnesota St Active Bethel Eugene, OR

    (541) 463-7562

  • ST Vincent DE Paul - Services Social Services - Vocational Services

    Religious Organizations in Active Bethel, Eugene

    456 Highway 99 N Active Bethel Eugene, OR

    (541) 607-0439