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How to clean carpet and maintain its beauty, comfort, and durability. Carpet care and carpet cleaning tips for removing common stains and more carpet care tips.

Here are some lawn care tips to keep your mower running safely and soundly throughout the entire summer season.

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The hazards that pose a threat to the beautiful exterior of your car are almost too many to count - potholes, flying gravel, careless drivers/parkers, and of course, birds who use it for target practice - that we almost forget about our interiors as well. Sure, not everyone owns a new car with supple leather or shiny accessories, but if we're going to sit inside of a car for extended periods of time we should ensure our comfort, right
Whether it's letting out…

Garage Door Care provides information on how garage doors work, how to care for your garage door and garage door opener, garage door safety, garage door maintenance and garage door care.

Q: What type of carpet is best for high-traffic areas, like living rooms and hallways
The family room, halls, and steps are the main traffic areas in any home. It makes sense to put the sturdiest carpet and pad in these areas. The investment is well worth it. A heavy frieze, tightly twisted short cut-pile, or Berber will hold up under a lot of traffic. And remember, when a carpet is laid over the edge of a stair tread, the fabric has tendency…

How to clean carpet and maintain its beauty, comfort, and durability. Carpet care and carpet cleaning tips for removing common stains and more carpet care tips.

Traveling with infants requires a variety of essentials including food, carriers, diapers and other care items. Here is what you need to know about the safe ...

Summer can be a rough time for dogs in San Antonio. Here are a few steps you can take to make sure your pooch beats the heat.

Fall is the perfect time to "go the extra mile" and take your vehicle to your local car repair shop for an inspection and tune up.

It's time to expose your toes! To help get your tootsies looking and feeling summer-ready, here are 10 easy ways to pamper your feet.

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Summer driving can add extra heat stress on your vehicle, so here are some tips on how to prep your vehicle for hot weather
Check the level and strength of the coolant . A low coolant level may allow your engine to overheat. Make sure the coolant reservoir is filled to the proper level. NEVER open a radiator cap on a hot radiator to check the coolant level! Hot steam and boiling coolant may spray out a burn you! Wait until the engine…

It's easy to keep your STAINMASTER carpet looking and feeling good. Just follow this guide to regular maintenance.

Now that spring has officially arrived and there is no snow in sight (we hope!), consider following these simple tasks to de-winterize your car!