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Your kid didn't arrive with a manual either?

Parenting is filled with joys and challenges. If you are a parent looking for additional support as you embark on this journey, consider Parent Coaching. Whether you are parents-to-be or parents of a young adult or anything in between, parent coaching can help support you navigate all the different developmental milestones of your child's life as well as the different needs that arise within each one. Parents in my practice often come to explore how to: limit set with their child or teen, communicate more effectively, decrease yelling and increase more cooperation, support their child through a difficult situation, help to navigate difficulties related to their child's diagnosis or developmental difference, get on the same page with their partner on how to parent together successfully, and more. There is no doubt that in your role as parents you have a tough job ahead..... the good news is you do not have to do it alone. I - and my other colleagues here at the Institute - look forward to working with you to support you on this journey.
"If only there was a universal rule book I could follow!" So often I hear this wish from parents, even though they know no rule book exists. Parenting is such hard work - no matter how carefully one prepares. Books or articles have been read and thoughtfully incorporated with sage advice from those we love or admire. And then the unexpected happens. Many times the challenges that arise are not the ones we anticipated for the parenting journey.
It's at times like this that parent coaching can be a practical and helpful tool. Parents show up at my door and sit on my couch for many unexpected reasons. It may be a desire to understand and work with a child's or teen's developmental changes or behaviors. It may be because a parent wants to improve the relationship with their child or teen. Sometimes, the parent in my office simply wants to have the input of a trained, experienced professional for support during a confusing or difficult season. One barrier to parent coaching that I've observed is the fear of being judged. For some parents, the thought of coming for support is accompanied with the fear of being labeled a "bad parent." Some parents share that it goes beyond that for them; they acknowledge a sense of shame for wanting or needing support. Although these thoughts and fears may arise, know that it is ok to receive support. In…

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