You and Social Security, Together for a Lifetime

Social Security is with you throughout life’s journey. During May, we celebrate Older Americans Month, and we want to highlight how we are here for you. We’re there when you get your first job, when you get married, and through years of work when you are paying Social Security taxes. Our programs serve as vital financial protection for millions of Americans, and part of our journey together includes making sure you know what that protection means to you in your later years.
We’re there to help you stay in control of your benefits with our online services — helping you do business with us from your preferred location. For example, if you damage or lose your Medicare card, you can order a replacement card easily with a my Social Security account. Having a personal my Social Security account helps free up your time to do other things that truly matter to you.
If the time comes when you can no longer manage your benefits, you can count on Social Security to be there. Our Representative Payee Program helps millions of beneficiaries who cannot manage their Social Security or Supplemental Security Income benefits. A representative payee is a trusted family member, friend, or institution who can receive and manage the funds we pay for someone who receives benefits.
Your representative payee receives the payments on your behalf and must use the money to pay for your needs, which include housing and utilities, food, medical and dental expenses, personal care items, clothing, and rehabilitation expenses (if you’re disabled).
Your representative payee can use the rest of your benefit money to pay the cost of your care and provide money for your personal needs. Social Security looks for qualified individuals or organizations to represent you.
Working with a representative payee is just one of the ways Social Security helps you secure today and tomorrow. Visit our representative payee website for more information.

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