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YI Insights on Parshat Shelach

Please pray for a refuah shelaimah for Baruch ben Esther Malka
Video Dvar Torah with Rabbi Zev Leff
World Renowned Rabbi Zev Leff has provided this short video Dvar Torah for our members. Rabbi Leff is known for his powerful insights into the Parsha and his illuminating books and lectures. He started his Rabbinic career as the Rabbi of Young Israel of Greater Miami. He subsequently made Aliya and he is the Mara D'atra of Moshav Matityahu which is located near Modi'in Illit and he teaches at many places throughout Israel. We know many of our members have learned from his book on Outlooks and Insights on the Weekly Torah Portion. We are honored and are thankful that Rabbi Leff took the time to provide our members with his tremendous insights into the Parsha. You are welcome to share his insights with your friends.
Yehoshua and Kalev
Associate Member, Young Israel Council of Rabbis
It follows that the methodology the Miraglim used must have been of extraordinary power. And if it was effective under those circumstances, it can likely entrap us. It is therefore crucial that we identify it, so that we may steel ourselves against its threat to our physical and spiritual welfare. An analysis of the Parsha reveals their weapon was fear. Only fear can shut off the reasoning of typically intellectual people.
The Miraglim were shrewd. They knew that if they spoke candidly they would not be believed. Instead, they started with the truth. As they established their credibility and planted trepidation in the hearts of the listeners, they steadily increased the dishonesty of their speech (Rashi). For this reason, they craftily began with an acknowledgment of the Land’s fine qualities. They didn’t challenge the reality that the land was rich in milk and honey and bore spectacular fruit. But they relayed how the cities they had to attack were heavily fortified. And if that wasn’t difficult enough, the population consisted of enormous giants. This was frightening since the Jews had never fought giants. Who could know the strength they were capable of? The spies capitalized on fear of the unknown.
Once the Miraglim established themselves by telling the truth, they moved on to the irrelevant. They announced that Amalek lived to the south. This is puzzling. It is true that Amalek had attacked them while they were leaving Egypt. But there was no reason for them to fight…

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