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Who's that? Meet our new team members!

I have been on the Institute team for a little over two months, and in that time I have already gotten to work alongside an inspiring and effective group of clinicians, as well as with a wonderfully hope-filled, indefatigable group of clients and their families! It is my joy and honor to journey with clients as they develop their inner strengths, explore their multifaceted identity, and learn to navigate their diverse environments with resilience, compassion, and wisdom.
My specialties include empowering girls and women to live a life that is more closely aligned with their values by not getting "hooked" by painful thoughts and feelings. I frequently utilize Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a relatively new form of therapy which helps clients relate differently to their anxious feelings, depressed mood, worrying mind, and self-defeating behaviors. ACT is also particularly helpful for clients who may struggle with perfectionism, imposter syndrome, social anxiety, and the intersections of their individual, familial, and sociocultural identities and values. I also draw heavily from liberation psychology and have a strong interest in working with LGBTQ2IA youth, people of color, and other marginalized groups. If you wish to contact me directly, you can reach me at or 626-585-8075 ext. 105.
If you are interested in getting started in therapy, contact Maryanne Mueller, our intake coordinator, 626-585-8075, ext. 108. She will help in getting the process started and connect you with Dr. Goodman or another preferred therapist for your needs and interests. Read Full Bio
Greetings! I am so thrilled to tell you a little bit about myself. I am a Pasadena born and raised Marriage and Family Therapist. My practice is rooted in evidence-based therapeutic approaches, with a specialty in expressive art therapy.
I love getting to know people! Each one of us is unique and complex. Getting to know my clients well is crucial, so that I can offer an approach that works for them. This may include play, art, sensory motor techniques or the traditional talk therapy. Often I use a blend of therapeutic styles depending on what the goal of the work is. Most importantly I work in collaboration with clients and their families. We are part of a team and all bring valuable elements into the work.
Throughout my life I have participated in any creative endeavors I could find. These experiences have taught me skills much needed for my life's journey. Through creative expression, I've learned skills such as self-awareness, empathy, the ability to connect to others…

Who's that? Meet our new team members!
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