The View from A Higher Perspective

As our national focus is on freedom this month, make an honest inventory of what might be encroaching on your individual independence. It could be a relationship that robs you of your power or dignity; an addiction to diet drinks or candy, social media or gaming; blind allegiance to a point of view; anxiety or fear; victimhood; the past. Realize that you are far from helpless in breaking any bonds that are holding you back. It is always your choice to remain as you are ... or find your freedom.
The Freedom of Relaxation
In January, I shared a recording intended to help you get a good night's sleep. This month, do try this 13-minute full-body, seated relaxation intended to be a quick break in your day. As with any of my recordings, NEVER LISTEN WHILE DRIVING.
or any number of restrictions on your freedom, I'd love to help you know and celebrate true independence.
As I was preparing this month's newsletter, details of the Sacred Spiral Tour of Armenia 2019 were being finalized with Feel Armenia Travel. The trip just keeps getting better and better! Look for a full description of itinerary and pricing in the August issue.
Until next month, remember: All is moving toward the good.
San Ramon, CA 94583
Feel Armenia/Fairyland Travel is finalizing a wonderfully memorable 13-day trip to the Republic of Armenia, in late May-early June 2019 incorporating
UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Culminating in a world-class spa experience
If you're drawn to power places such as The Temple of Isis, Sedona and Stonehenge, Armenia has much to offer you.
Someone to Watch Over Me
recognized by Spirited Woman as one of
12 Top Picks!
If you've enjoyed Someone to Watch Over Me, please share your thoughts on Amazon and/or Barnes & Noble and I will send you a copy of In the Light, a hypnotherapy/guided meditation recording I have made that helps you relax and recharge your own Inner Light. Let me know when your review is posted and I will send you the recording via email. This includes those of you who reviewed the book when it first came out -- your support is so appreciated, thank you!
and Angels to children in a unique workbook format.
Beautifully illustrated by visionary artist Mary Derrick, you can expect
this hardcover book to inspire conversation, creativity and comfort
around the important topic of spirituality. Click here
for a feature article in Alive Magazine about the book.
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