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Top 10 Plumbing Urban Legends

Let’s face it, plumbers find themselves in some strange situations. On the one hand, they’re outsiders who are constantly given tiny glimpses into the lives of strangers, just like the cable guy or the pizza delivery person. On the other hand, some pretty strange stuff gets flushed down the toilet.
So every plumber has his weird stories to tell. And some of these stories get blown out of proportion in the re-telling. So it’s no wonder any number of urban legends have a plumber in the middle of them. Here are the top ten (in no particular order) we’ve managed to compile with the help of WE CANNOT VOUCH FOR THE VERACITY OF ANY OF THEM. But we hope you like reading them. And if you have more urban legends of your own to share, send them to [email protected] and maybe we’ll be able to include them in future galleries!

Top 10 Plumbing Urban Legends
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