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Themed DIY Projects for Spring

It must be the warm weather and sunshine, because I ended up creating a flower theme with today’s posts that I didn’t see coming. With every corner store and open lot seemingly packed with bunches of fresh-cut or wild-growing flowers, it felt like the perfect time to focus on DIY projects that use flowers as their main material, ingredient or as their end goal. From colorful hanging baskets you can weave to hold backyard flower arrangements to creative paper, ribbon and button DIYs that use flowers as a natural dye, these projects prove that flowers can do so much more beyond sitting in a vase. What I love most about this range of ideas is that they showcase how many stages of a plant and flower’s life can be celebrated and used, rather than wasted once they’re wilted. I hope you’ll give one of these a shot if you have something fun growing in your backyard and want to find a creative way to bring them inside. xo, grace
*If fresh flower arrangements aren’t your thing, there are some great ideas in here for creating a flower press that you can use to display your favorite flora on the wall instead.
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Flowers make great natural dyes and these DIY projects show you how to use them to create custom Thank You notes and dyed buttons and ribbons !
If you’re hoping to collect wild flowers this season and need something to keep them flat while you transport them home, this DIY Ombre Flower Collector is perfect.
This DIY Flower Press is the perfect jumping-off point for so many framed botanical projects.
Kristin’s DIY Spring Wreath uses a mix of fresh and dried flowers to create something seasonal and beautiful.
If you have a big event coming up this summer and want your furry friend to feel like a part of the party, this DIY Dog Bow Tie is a fun option. (RIP sweet Seymour, our beloved dog model for this shoot).
Edible dried violets make these DIY Flower Ice Cubes quick, easy AND functional.
These DIY Plantable Love Notes let you keep the flower love going with seeds that your recipient can plant and grow.
The Studio Choo team created these DIY Birch Bark Baskets and DIY Knitted Hanging Baskets for everyone who wants to spruce up their everyday arrangements.
Amy Merrick was our resident plant and flower expert for years and her DIY Pressed Botanical project…

Themed DIY Projects for Spring
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