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Ten Digital Trends Set to Go Mass

Google Circles, News.me, Facebook Credits, Foursquare Radar, Little Printer and More
December 19, 2011
As a global digital agency, one of our top priorities is keeping our collective finger on the pulse of consumer appetites and behavior in digital media. Below, our take on the top 10 digital trends for 2012 that will go mass.
1. Your inner circle
We seek to mirror our social personals in the digital world. But so far, digital has forced us to bring together not only our social selves, but also our professional and familial ones, and present a single persona to everyone we keep in contact with online. The average Facebook user has 130 friends, from BFFs to new acquaintances. Thanks to new filters on social networks, we can at last separate more easily and filter the people we know and decide with each post we share what portion of our friends will access it. Look for greater sophistication in filtering techniques on social networks over the next 12 months.
Examples: Google circles, Facebook Groups, Twitter Lists
2. Personalized news
We currently create more information in a year than we ever have historically. Understandably, overwhelmed by the plethora of information online, people need ways to navigate relevant information and choose what to read. Already, RSS feeds and social networks facilitate the process through integration with news sites that allow users to generate passive status updates by posting content to the wall. Now, applications that sort content based on digital friendship are emerging. The result: social reading is the new standard in online content consumption.
Examples: Percolate, News.me, Counterparties, Flipboard, Zite
3. Rent, don't own
Today we can get more entertainment for less. The average Netflix user spends over 11 hours per month watching movies. Digital has changed our sense of ownership and the behavior of renting is extending into categories beyond media and car rental where we realize that our use for certain products is limited and therefore do not warrant a purchase – think of infant clothes or art for home or office interiors.
Examples: Plumgear.com, Artsicle.com
4. Seamless transactions
We're always demanding that our processes become more efficient, quicker and safer, especially when it comes to our bank account. We now carry at least one screen with us at all times. Forty percent of US consumers own a Smartphone, which has becomes so much more than a phone. Transactions are quickly becoming fully integrated with our screens in multiple ways, from paying with our phones to executing…

Ten Digital Trends Set to Go Mass
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