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Technology-boosted service cuts packaging line downtime

Technology-boosted service cuts packaging line downtime
Microsoft HoloLens shares what the on-siteTTetra Pak service technician sees and hears with the company's engineering experts, wherever they are around the world.
Using Microsoft advanced digital technology, service technicians from Tetra Pak were able to cut downtime on 17 food packaging lines, during a six-month trial, by up to 48 hours for each line. That’s two extra days of production for its customers by preventing failures and by quickly resolving packaging machinery stoppages to return the line to uptime status.
1. Microsoft Azure data mining and analysis for effective predictive maintenance. Using Microsoft Azure for its Condition Monitoring Service, Tetra Pak helps prevent packaging machine failures before they occur. By analyzing performance data from more than 5,000 connected filling machines installed around the world in customers’ food production factories, deviations are quickly identified and can be addressed in a more timely and effective way. According to Tetra Pak, the new service can replace a standardized maintenance process to lower costs related to unexpected failures.
2. Microsoft HoloLens Mixed-Reality smart glasses for fast diagnostics. By outfitting Tetra Pak service technicians with Microsoft HoloLens, the company can quickly diagnose and resolve packaging machinery downtime issues to minimize productivity loss. When on-site in a customer’s facility, the Tetra Pak service engineer is able to tap into the company’s global experts. That expert can see and hear everything in real time, and works “alongside” the on-site technician to quickly fix the problem.
Paul Grainger, Tetra Pak’s technical key account director for the USA and Canada, details how the company’s food packaging customers benefit from this advanced digital technology.
How have customers in the pilot been able to reduce downtime by up to 48 hours by using this technology?
Grainger: Unplanned downtime is reduced as we are able to predict failures before they occur. Through the Tetra Pak Condition Monitoring Service, we install sensors in the equipment which send real-time data to our central Performance Management Center where experts analyze and cross-reference the data pattern received against thousands of other connected lines. When a problem is detected, the Performance Management Center sends alerts to the Tetra Pak technician in the field, who plans maintenance together with our customers, avoiding breakdowns.
You say “data that’s gleaned from connected machines gives company technicians an operational snapshot across more than 5,000 Tetra Pak packaging machines in use.” How is Tetra Pak using this data to improve existing operations or new machine design?
Grainger: For several years…

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