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7 Surprising Uses of Botox

Most people have heard of Botox and know it has something to do with the field of medicine, but many aren't quite sure what it is used for. In America, when a prescription drug is approved to treat a particular medical condition, the physician can also use the medicine to treat over medical issues if he or she deems it necessary. Many of the beneficial uses of Botox have been discovered by accident because doctors used it to treat one problem and found that it helped resolve other medical issues at the same time. Seven of the surprising uses of Botox include the following: Treating migraine headaches: One unexpected discovery of positive results from Botox was when a physician used it for its most popular reason, to relax facial muscles in order to smooth wrinkles. As a result, the patients who also suffered from chronic migraine headaches found that they experienced fewer migraines after the Botox injection. Nowadays, the drug is commonly used to treat chronic migraines. Typically,

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