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Stu Ellis With WCIA 3 Reporting On Ken Dalenberg

Just outside Mansfield is a farmer who is not only respected in Illinois, but also in Washington DC, and also in global financial capitols of the world. Stu Ellis has our Harvest Heritage report.StuKen Dalenberg will draw quite a crowd at any meeting of farmers, who want to pick his brain about production or marketing or many other topics.KenBasically throughout my career have been involved not only on the association and checkoff side, but also on the policy and research side of helping agriculture.StuKen farms in Champaign and Piatt Counties and has been a state and national leader in both corn and soybean organizations, but he’s also helped the U of I rework the South Farms, and provided advice to USDA on what ag research should be funded…KenI had the opportunity to be a reviewer to say OK this is something the farmer needs. This is the type of research that needs to be funded, that will put money in farmer’s pockets and be both economically and agronomically correct.StuBarb DalenbergAnd the thing that fascinates me is that he is so positive about his profession. He talks to a lot of different people all ages. He is more of a senior farmer, but the young people are coming to him as a resource.StuKenAs we move forward with the new genetics, trying to figure out what genetics works best on the farm, and that is where the precision ag part of production management comes into play.StuKenAs they make investments in companies involved in agriculture, it is important that they know the background that they know is it a growing business, is it one that has a future of long term growth and does need investment, they feel that is the next new frontier if you will.StuStu Ellis

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