Spice up your Homemade Guacamole Recipe with These Add

It doesn’t take a whole lot to create delicious guacamole. This simple mixture with chips is the perfect complement to a burrito or a perfect midday snack to munch on. The avocado offers a gentle creaminess with an unassertive flavor; the perfect backdrop for any flavor combination. Swap out the traditional ingredients and spice up your homemade guacamole with these fun add-ins.
Sweet & Savory
If you love your guacamole to be on the fruity side, try adding grapefruit, sweet mango, or pineapple for a little tang. Mix up the traditional recipe and try some mango and jicama in your guacamole. The fresh fruit will give the guac a sweet tropical aroma while the jicama provides that satisfying crunch to make it an overall interesting dip.
Bacon & Blue Cheese
This meaty offering is sure to be a crowd pleaser for all of the bacon lovers. Add some crumbled pieces of bacon and mix in some blue cheese to give your next batch of guacamole some meaty flavors! It is sure to be a party dip favorite.
Herbs & Spices
Of course cilantro and avocado pair together wonderfully, but try out some other fresh herbs as a substitute to switch up the flavors. Consider using basil , mint, dill or tarragon. Make your guacamole interesting and unique, you may find a favorite new flavor!
Need we say more? Use this spicy chili sauce to add a little bit of a kick to traditional guacamole. Mix Sriracha in your guacamole and drizzle it on top for added flavor.
Dare to be different on Guacamole Day! Amp up your homemade guacamole’s flavors and surprise your friends with these bold flavors.
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Spice up your Homemade Guacamole Recipe with These Add
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