Spaces Between My Teeth: Are Clear Braces an Option?

To be sure that clear braces are a good choice in your case, you should first schedule an evaluation with a dentist, who can examine the alignment of your teeth and determine if ClearCorrect will help to achieve your smile goals.
If the dentist determines that ClearCorrect can help you, and you decide to move forward with treatment, you can begin the process of getting the ClearCorrect aligner trays, which will be designed based on information about your smile that was gathered at the initial appointment.
When the trays are ready, your dentist will give them to you, along with instructions on when to switch to a new tray. The trays are designed to work in a specific progression, and you must closely adhere to the prescribed treatment timeline in order to achieve the desired results within the expected timeline.
While you are wearing the trays, they will apply gentle pressure to the teeth in order to reposition them, quite similarly to the way that traditional braces do. However, metal appliances remain in place 24-7, but ClearCorrect trays can be removed. It is important to note that if your trays spend more time outside of your mouth than in, they won’t be able to do their job properly. It is recommended that you wear the trays at least 22 hours a day, and only remove them at mealtimes and for your oral hygiene routine.
Clear braces, such as the ClearCorrect system, can be used to eliminate unsightly spaces between teeth. Schedule an evaluation with our team at Lakeside Dental Solutions to learn more about this treatment method and to decide whether it might be the right choice for you.

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