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Seller’s Advantage Program™

Step One, The Informed Beginning™: This initial step is all about sharing and gathering information. It is a true exchange of information between buyer and seller. We want you to be as informed about our organization as we are about your specific situation. In fact, the reading you're doing right now is part of this first step to help you become informed. However, the information gathering continues during an initial phone call and all the way through our initial visit to your property to assess its potential. All along the way we are listening carefully so we can shape our solution to your particular needs. Once we've collected the information we need, we are ready to move on to The Tailored Transaction™.
Step Two, The Tailored Transaction™: This step is focused on preparing a customized home buying solution to your specific home selling needs. Once we fully understand your objectives, we will develop a series of alternatives and then execute a specific plan that you select. As detailed above, we involve you in the transaction from start to finish and let you dictate the timing, the terms, and the outcome. We can even close the sale the very next day! And because we have immediate access to our own multi-million dollar acquisition fund, we have the flexibility to complete an all cash, as-is, no fees purchase when you want and how you want. Also keep in mind that the specifics of our agreement are kept completely confidential and private. Once the terms and details are finalized, we move on to The Coordinated Rollout™.
Step Three, The Coordinated Rollout™: This stage is all about managing the details and ensuring your needs are addressed. Once the contract is finalized, we launch our team of closing professionals to work on flawlessly executing your specific plan. Even though there is a substantial amount of "behind-the-scenes" work occurring, we make sure you are informed of the progress and kept abreast when we need your signatures and assistance. Our program ensures there is never a surprise, never a hiccup along the way, and never a missed commitment.
Step Four, The Financial Finish Line™: This final stage is the culmination of our transaction and the graceful transition of ownership. The paperwork is prepared and ready for you to sign. Outstanding loans, liens, and taxes on the home are resolved. The home is emptied of the belongings you wish to keep. Utilities are transferred. And most importantly, the funds are in place and ready…

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