Sedation Dentistry: Will I Be “Unconscious”?

Sedation dentistry is an excellent option for those who experience anxiety regarding dental visits, or if you are in need of a complex procedure such as a dental crown, root canal, or oral surgery. It is different from general anesthesia in that you will not be unconscious, but it allows you to relax completely and enter an almost dream-like state while your mouth is being worked on.
Choosing Sedation Dentistry
If you experience any kind of dental anxiety, or if you have had a bad experience with local anesthesia in the past, sedation dentistry might be a great choice for you. Although local anesthetic numbs the area being worked on so that you can remain comfortable, it doesn’t help reduce anxiety. The mild sedation provided by nitrous oxide or IV sedation helps you remain calm and stress-free for the length of your procedure. Sedation can also be helpful for people who have an extremely sensitive gag reflex. For some people, it is very difficult to sit through even a routine dental exam, much less oral surgery or a visit to the periodontist .
Your dentist or periodontist can help you decide which form of sedation is better for you based on your personal preference, the preference of your dentist, and the type of procedure you will be having.
What Does Sedation Feel Like?
Sedation can produce a slightly different effect from person to person, but in general the effects include:
Elimination of any anxiety
The sensation that time is passing more quickly than normal

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