6 Sales Skills for Shining in Today’s Ultra

Sales is tough. Sales can be a killer way to make a living, but it takes constant work. The trick is to sharpen your communication skills and become a psychologist on the fly to get inside the heads of your customers—current ones and especially your prospective ones! So, what other sales skills do you need to make it in sales these days?
Before we get into the skills, remember that when it comes to selling, there are plenty of things you cannot control. For instance, you never know the mood your prospect will be in, or the competence of the gatekeeper that protects your prospect’s time. You can’t control industry trends, or what your competitors are doing. In fact, you could spend all day stressing about everything you can’t–but that won’t get you anywhere in sales.
The best salespeople in the world don’t worry about what’s outside their control. Instead, they focus on what they CAN control. And, the one thing they definitely can control is developing the sales skills necessary to not just survive, but thrive!
Here are six sales skills you need to work on if you want to be as successful as you’ve dreamt about:
Start by setting personal goals
Prospects expect you to persuade them to buy your offering–and if you do just that, you’ll immediately lose their trust. Instead, focus your interaction on determining whether or not the prospect is even a good fit for what you sell. Learn to disqualify those who aren’t a fit and move on. Prospects will sit up and take notice when you adopt this approach, and they’ll be far more likely to view you as an expert.
Your prospects hear from salespeople every single week–maybe even every single day. If you sound like everybody else, your prospects will immediately put up a wall and keep you at arm’s length. To stand out from the crowd and capture their attention, look for innovative ways to connect with your prospects by breaking the pattern of normal sales. Flip the standard approach on its head.

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