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Regional Modular Training on Promoting Women Entrepreneurship for Export Business

Mekong Institute (MI) is organizing the Regional Modular Training on “Promoting Women Entrepreneurship for Export Business” on July 3-14, 2017 at the MI Residential Training Center, Khon Kaen, Thailand. The two-week training is part of the one-year capacity building and action research project on “Making Trade Work for Small Producers in Southeast Asia’s Least Developed Countries,” with the support of the International Research Institute Centre (IDRC), Canada.
The project is aimed at supporting selected female entrepreneurs from Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Vietnam to be ready for export business. As part of the project, the objectives of the regional training are:
· To train existing and prospective women entrepreneurs to help them develop and strengthen entrepreneurial qualities and motivation to expand business for regional and global market;
· To provide necessary knowledge and information on business management, finance, marketing, source of assistance, incentives, subsidies, rules and regulations to help them set up business ventures;
· To promote the SME sector for business growth for employment generation; and
· To promote women-led enterprises for the export market in the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS) countries.
At the end of the project, a pool of women entrepreneurs would be able to:
· gain knowledge and skills on entrepreneurship and SME promotion suited to integrate into the regional and global market; and
· prepare and implement a business plan for export/action plan to start/expand businesses for the export market.
The successful applications should include the following:
1) Training Application Form through the link at Survey Monkey here: ; and
2) Questionnaire for Female Entrepreneurs via the link at Survey Monkey here: .
Only shortlisted applicants will be asked to send their CV via email and be invited for an online interview, and only six women entrepreneurs per association per country will be selected for a full scholarship to participate in the modular training.
For more details, please see the attached Curriculum Design Statement, or contact the project team through Ms. Wen Hao, Program Coordinator, Trade and Investment Facilitation Department at or via +66 (0) 4320 2411-2 Exit. 4092.
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