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Ready Set Spring!

Lots to Plant right now!
This cool weather is the perfect time to plant pansies in the garden. Pansies love the cool weather, and they can take it when those night time temperatures drop below freezing. We also have a large selection of perennials that are starting to bloom, and can also take the freezing cold weather. If you love pansies, but want them to be more of a perennial, Viola Starry Night (shown) will come back for you every year, and it blooms for a very long time. We have tons of pansies, primrose, ranunculus & perennials all hardened off to take the cold temperatures and ready to go into the garden.
Even though the weather has been staying cool, we are almost out of Hellebores. Hellebores are one of the
earliest blooming perennials. They can tolerate shade, and are deer resistant. We have many varieties all in bloom, and they can be planted now.
The winter is over, now what?
Now that the forsythia are starting to bloom, crab-grass pre-emergence needs to be applied. This is the best time to put it down as it is easier to control crabgrass before it starts to germinate, and it has to be done before the forsythia flowers start to fall off.
Snow and ice may have caused some issues in the garden. The weight of the snow and ice has caused many branches to snap or break. Some plants that grow in vertical planes like Arborvitae have split down the middle. Broken and scraped branches need to be removed immediately.
Some evergreens don’t look like evergreens right now. Many have lots of brown leaves caused by several different issues. Leaf damage occurs when water turns to ice inside of the leaves, and the cells are damaged when the ice breaks apart the cells. You may notice in some locations that only the top half of your plant is brown. The reason being that the snow protected the lower portion of the plant. However, the sun reflecting off of the snow will heat the leaves of the top part of the plant to above freezing temperatures. When the sun sets for the day, the leaves drop below freezing and the water in those leaves freezes and turns those leaves brown. Some plants were located in places that had a huge amount of wind. Although plants don’t experience “wind-chill”, plants that are in windy locations can be subjected to desiccation (drying out) which could also cause leaves to…

Ready Set Spring!
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