Preventive Dentistry: Your First Line of Defense for a Healthy Smile

Your smile is precious. After childhood, we only get one set of teeth for our lifetime. Common issues like periodontal disease and tooth decay can wreck your wellbeing if left untreated. Preventive dentistry focuses on identifying potential threats to your oral health as soon as possible. Then, if necessary, preventive treatments can be performed to improve your symptoms. Examples of preventive treatments offered by our dentist include fluoride treatments and dental sealants . The best way to improve your chances of early detection is to schedule two cleanings and checkups each year.
Cleanings and Checkups
Preventing and detecting disease begins with scheduling and attending routine dental appointments. Many people are surprised to learn about the importance of checkups and cleanings – especially when it comes to the thorough nature of a dental checkup. Checkups involve a physical examination, a discussion with our dentist, and taking diagnostic images. During the physical part of the examination, our team will assess the health of the entire oral cavity and screen for potential problems like weakened tooth structure, decay, gum disease , and occlusal issues. Dental checkups also include oral cancer screenings.
Like a checkup, professional cleanings make a difference in a person’s oral health – particularly the health of one’s teeth and gums. Professional cleanings remove debris and substances that can cause harm to teeth and gums. Using small handheld instruments, our hygienists will scrape away tartar and debris gently and efficiently. This process will help prevent the accumulation of tartar below the gums and along the roots of teeth. Afterwards, teeth are perfectly polished for an impeccably clean feeling mouth.
Preventive Treatments
When issues are detected early on, it gives our practice an opportunity to determine whether preventive measures are necessary. In addition to the preventive benefits of a dental cleaning, we offer fluoride treatments and dental sealants. Fluoride is a mineral that helps replenish weakened tooth enamel in order to prevent tooth decay. Dental sealants involve placing a protective, clear coating over the biting surfaces of teeth.
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