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PA Photos and Documents
Explore thousands of digitized documents and photographs from unique collections in libraries across Pennsylvania. You’ll be amazed by what you find!
This collection is a digitized copy of the book Architecture—Practical and Theoretical by the Beezer Brothers (1894). The Beezer brothers (Louis and Michael J.) were famous more architects who originally set up their firm in Altoona, PA where they built many homes, but then moved on to Pittsburgh and eventually Seattle, WA. less
Welcome to the B. Reed Henderson High School Collection, a part of the POWER Library: PA Photos and Documents. Henderson High School, located in the Borough of more West Chester, dates back to 1906, and its long history has great significance to the Borough and to Chester County. The Henderson High School Library currently maintains a collection of archival items, and we regularly receive requests from alumni and other community member to view these materials. The collection consists of School publications dating back to 1906; it includes magazines, yearbooks, newspapers, and programs that relate to both School and local news and events. We are interested in preserving these materials to ensure their survival as part of the history of the School, West Chester Borough, and the regional area. We would also like to make them more widely available; the collection has been used in large part for genealogical research, and making it more readily available will facilitate this use. less
The Bellwood Bulletin weekly newspaper provides a unique glimpse into the cultural, economic, political, religious and social activities of Bellwood and the surrounding areas from 1889-1946. more The format of newspaper did not vary much of the years. Each paper would normally have the following columns: Religious services and notes, Business news, Marriages and birthdays, Obituaries, People visiting and traveling to other places, Animal columns, and The Five-Minute Sermon and sporting events – especially fishing news. There was usually one page containing national and international news and local real estate transactions. The paper has advertisements for local stores and services with pictures and prices of food, clothing and banking services. Through these advertisements one can follow the introduction of technology into the community. There are advertising for washing machines, tires, typewriters, and airplane tickets. less
American Marketplace chronicles the development of the industrial expansion of the United States following the Civil War, and the parallel emergence of the consumer products reflecting more the prosperity that came with 19th and 20th Century manufacturing. The…

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