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5 oral health facts for pregnant women

So you or one of your loved ones is pregnant. Congratulations, it is a life changing time of your life! There will be many changes that will occur over the course of 9 months and the mother along with the baby will need to be provided with utmost nourishment in order to attain perfect health. This includes oral health too. As with other changes in the body, oral health does not change significantly but there is a slight difference in the way things work in and around your mouth. Here are 5 major points that need to be kept in mind for women who are pregnant and those around them.
1. Does Pregnancy Lead to Oral Health Damage?
This is an old wives tale. Unlike popular misconception, pregnancy does not damage the teeth or the gums, rather during pregnancy the mother’s immune system is down which means that she is more liable to attain any kind of tooth decay or any other gum disease.
The best way to make sure that no damage occurs to the oral hygiene, it is safest to visit the dentist at the onset of pregnancy. They would not only be able to guide about what is the best routine to follow, but will also give tips that could create some extra protection for the mother and baby. Keep in mind that a dentist will also be able to asses and prevent any kind of damage that may already be taking place in your mouth.
Another important regime to follow is the one that every individual needs to adopt. Brushing, flossing and using mouthwash twice a day every day, using fluoride toothpastes, indulging in a balanced diet and getting teeth cleaned from the dentist regularly. These habits would ensure that oral health is maintained.
2. Over the Counter Products and Pregnancy
Most of the over-the-counter products for oral health care, like mouthwashes, toothpastes and flosses are safe to use during pregnancy. There are some mouthwashes, like ones with alcohol content that need to be avoided and the label clearly says that they should not be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Keep in mind that the oral health of the mother would also ultimately be a clue to the health of baby’s gums and teeth. This is the reason why the mother needs to be extra conscious about using products that provide protection and health.
3. Gingivitis in Pregnancy
As mentioned before, women experience a lot of bodily changes when they conceive. Most…

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