New ED Boot Camp & MLTC18

The Partnership is pleased to offer a special Board
Member Track at MLTC18.
Whether it's Finance, Strategic Planning, Overall Board Responsibilities, or Board Development and engagement, MLTC18 offers extensive training in numerous key governance areas. Take part in deep dives through the processes of board recruitment, orientation, and retention planning; finance; and succession planning .
When it comes to the Board's Role in Finance,
MLTC18 promises to deliver. Improve understanding of financial statements as well as the role of the Treasurer, Finance Committee, and audit. Learn what is required to be included and what you should be looking for in agency statements.
Also, find ways to analyze how your organization is doing financially and what red flags you need to address. This high-level session will give you a lot to think about and will challenge you to consider all aspects of your organization.

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