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Legendary Bingo Blabber

I have to be honest, it is about 100 degrees in my office so this is going to be a short (and sweaty) email. Also I am nude. Not really, but I should be.
After two weeks of event after event, this last week we were just on our normal "Hamburger Mary's Show" track and I only worked one shift- and did not take any photos except for one...
That's Ingenue with Jen Ray who played Nancy Donahue on "The Middle" which I understand just ended it's run after nine seasons! Now Jen has more time for Bingo!
Speaking of more time for bingo (were we?)- this Saturday (July 14th) is our first "Bingo Boy's Drag Bingo Brunch" at Clifton's Cafeteria downtown...
...remember this place? So cool. Literally. You can come in from the heat for bingo and brunch and booze (ahhh- cool drinks!) and you won't want to leave- I promise.
I got Clifton's to offer the Bingo Freaks a special deal! If you buy your tickets by Friday online, you get $5.00 off each ticket if you put in the code "PERK" at checkout! See? I always take care of you. Only a few seats left (we are maxing out at 100) so do it today. Or at least by Friday. HERE is the link for tickets! Cool prizes for the winners! And mac and cheese for all!
Other things-
William Belli is hosting with me this Wednesday night!
That's Willam with actress Alexandra Daddario and I used that photo because I just watched her as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's daughter in "San Andreas." Such a scary movie! She was also in "Baywatch" with him and Zac Efron!
Also- we are in Pasadena at Edwin Mills at the end of this month so come on out and "party like Pasadean" with us! Info and link for reservations below!
Sshh! It's a secret!
We may begin a monthly event at 33 Taps in Silverlake very soon so fingers crossed! I guess they have been doing Drag Queen Bingo but now want to actually do it "the right way." Which of course, is our way. The Legendary Bingo way.
Another secret!
One of our favorite celebrity couples will be calling our balls on August 1st (don't know which show yet)...
No, not Roxy's boobs (although they are a celebrity couple at this point)- Italia Ricci and Robbie Amell! You know Italia from "Designated Survivor" with Keifer Sutherland" and Robbie from "The Flash" and "The X-Files."

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