July 17 - July 21

With the constant innovation of technology, the rise of the luxury smartwatch market can no longer be ignored by watch companies. Influential brands, such as Apple and Heuer, have pioneered the way in this new and exciting marketplace. Recently, however, fashion titans Louis Vuitton joined the luxury smartwatch ranks and debuted the Tambour Horizon. The Tag Heuer Connected watch at $1,500 and Apple’s Hermes watch at $1,400 were the first few major smartwatches to hit the scene.
The Tambour Horizon sets the tone for how I think a luxury smartwatch should look—different from previous smartwatches. The ever-so-recognizable Louis Vuitton logo on the watch’s strap and face makes it appear less like a robot on your arm and more like a piece of jewelry.
The hardware inside also features applications that help the wearer travel with comfort and ease of mind. Its 24-hour display tells the weather, depending on the time zone. City Guides is an app that tells the traveler what restaurants to dine at and what landmarks to visit. The watch also features an app that tells departure time, boarding information, and possible flight delays.
“Is a smartwatch a watch? Well, if we’re being technical, sure it is. It’s a wearable timepiece. Granted, I do not believe that is what its main function is or was ever intended to be, which is where we find our gray area. Sure it can tell you the time at a glance, but primarily I believe its purpose is just to be a companion piece to the ever-growing smartphone industry. Along with telling you the time, it can send and receive messages and emails, keep track of heart rate and steps, and even let you surf the Web. The smartwatch is the future; just ask Dick Tracy. They’ve gotten more and more stylized to look like what we would think of as a “watch,” but telling time is still not their main function, which seems to be the largest argument against them being a watch.
“My feeling is that there will always be a place for the traditional watch. Smartwatches are like any form of modern technology, dependent on its programming, which gets updated and tweaked as said technology advances. This requires buying newer models, which cost money. Investing in a good mechanical watch will never go out of style. So, yes, a smartwatch is, by the simplest definition, a watch, but it will not replace those traditional mechanical timepieces we wear on our wrists today. It’s a niche…

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