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MacArthur Genius Award, Eisner Award winning creator Gene Yang is amazing. Get your New Super Man #18 (and previous issues) signed, as well as picking up Secret Coders volume 4!
Not able to make it? Buy Secret Coders now and we'll get your copies signed and either ship them or hold them for pick up!
Comic Ch-ch-changes!
We are in the midst of some big changes we hope will make your shopping experience that much better!
*Once comics are moved from New Release Wall to the Current Wall, comics that are indie and few in number will now be moved to these new boxes on the Back Issue drawers. This has cleared up the Current Wall for much easier shopping.
*We are adding related trades for some titles, to help you see what has been collected or is related.
*We've moved all Current Variants to the Current Wall, so they're with the other comics of their title.
*Older Variants and Premium Comics are now just alphabetical in the Back Issue Drawers
AND the biggest change *drumroll please*--
We will be totally rearranging our back room to become a Back Issue room, so you can easily shop dozens of Back Issue boxes with ease, Wednesday through Friday and Sunday and Monday.

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