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How's Your Relationship With Chronic Pain?

I've tried some crazy things for my migraines. I had tried medications, injections, and home remedies like a whole pot of coffee at once. I tried sleep promoting herbs. The pain just bled through anyway, keeping me half awake. Ear plugs helped sometimes, but I still wasn't functional at my high stress tech job. Ginger and mint did not keep my stomach settled, no aroma therapy lasted more than a few minutes, and peppermint oil just made me smell like gum. I was determined to try anything except prescription painkillers. I was running myself ragged trying to get away from pain.
So, why not try just sitting with my pain instead of trying to change my pain? I was not going to try sitting in pain. I was going to be with sensation, like we are hanging out. Oh, hey! It's you. I haven't seen you in weeks. What's new?

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