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How RPA Bots are Changing the Face of Business

Is a robot going to be the next hire at your company?
The long-held fear of robots making humans obsolete is not a science fiction fantasy. One Oxford University study looked at 702 US-based jobs and concluded that 47% of those jobs could be handled by machines within “the next decade or two”.
Sophia is a social humanoid robot that has been making public appearances since 2016 to speak about machine learning and artificial intelligence. Though Sophia assures us that robots won’t steal our jobs , the truth is that many jobs are already being done with the help of robots.
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Robotic process automation or RPA is an emerging technology solution for enterprises concerned with efficiency. This technology takes repetitive work out of human hands and assigns them to “bots” or software applications that do computer-based tasks.
A bot can do anything as simple as navigating through file storage or as complex as data entry using an interface meant for humans.
Business process automation, or giving machines the most repetitive jobs in the company, has been a focal point of software development for some time. Starting with low-quality data capture programs for “screen scraping” visual data in the early 1990s, large enterprises have been interested.
Though accepted as a money-saving technology by cutting down on manual data entry, the bots were low quality.
For years, this type of software was unreliable and inaccurate. The aim of recent bot development has focused on reliability so that RPA programs can successfully do human jobs at superhuman speeds.
The Human Benefit of RPA
There is an understandable response of workers to fear for their jobs in the face of automated technology, but panic is unnecessary.
Even Robot Sophia understands that bots who take over automated processes do more to help humans than to hurt them. The benefits of automation are not limited to efficiency and cost savings.
Bots also help the average worker to experience less fatigue at work.
When the chore of data entry becomes the computer’s job, companies see an increase in employee satisfaction. Though some improvements eliminate jobs, new positions are created that are more suited to the creativity and analytical prowess of the human mind.
A study of machine learning by leading global tech publication The Register prompted users to respond with positive feedback, “Automation takes the drudge out of everyone’s life.”
Automation vs. Human Results
The argument for human workers in repetitive jobs has always been accuracy. Humans have analytical…

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