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How To Prepare Your Car For Summer

Although baseball and apple pie rank mighty high on our nation’s list of most beloved pastimes, technically both have their roots in England. Country music and pickup trucks, however, were both born right here in the good ole U.S. of A. This summer, if you want to engage in an authentic all-American experience, there’s no better way than with a rollicking road trip to a country music festival.
But wait! NAPA Auto Parts knows the relentless heat of summer can be as brutal on your vehicle as the frigid embrace of winter. Before you head out to see your hard-working music hero, you’ll want to partake in a little preventative care. With the help of their unequaled selection of parts, accessories, tools, equipment, and more, you can make sure your vehicle will be running in tip-top condition all season long. Following is a car care checklist to help you prepare for your adventure!
Check your fluids. All of them. For most, it’s a quick eyeballing to see if there’s enough; for the rest, a 15-second check of the dipstick will do the trick. Your fluids include oil, transmission fluid, coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid , washer fluid and, of course, gas. Additionally, watch the driveway and carefully inspect the engine for any signs of leaks.
Belts and Hoses
While you’re still under the hood, make a thorough inspection of all your belts and hoses . If one of these goes while you’re on the road, it can mean an abrupt and certain end to your journey. For belts, look for cracks, fraying, splits, glazing, separating layers and missing pieces. Hoses take a little more scrutiny. Besides looking for cracks, bulges, fraying, splits, abrasive damage and hardened sections, when the engine is cool, squeeze each hose near its clamps to check for any soft or mushy areas — a hose should be rather firm, but not stiff.
Air Filters
If it’s been a year, or you can’t even remember when you last checked your air filter, that might be a good indication that it’s time for a new one—especially if you’re thinking about doing a little dusty road driving. If it is time, grab your owner’s manual, flip to the page on your air filter, and swap it out.
Heat is actually harder on a battery than cold because high temperatures accelerate corrosion. Before heading out, clean the terminals, make sure it is secure, and check the charge. NAPA has a wide selection of…

How To Prepare Your Car For Summer
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