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How to Get to “Yes” Within Yourself

Ask almost anyone what their greatest obstacle is, and they are likely to say themselves. What we can learn, and you can learn to do so in this episode, is to get to yes within yourself. To let go of the inner battle, look at your most worthy opponent in the eye, which is yourself, and negotiate a win/win deal.
William Ury is the co-founder of Harvard’s program on negotiation. He’s one of the world’s best known and most influential experts on negotiation. He is the co-author of “Getting to Yes,” the best selling negotiation book in the world, and has taught negotiations to tens of thousands of people around the world. He has served as a mediator in conflicts ranging from boardroom battles, to labor strikes, and from family feuds, to civil wars. His newest book is “Getting to Yes with Yourself and Other Worthy Opponents.”
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Highlights –
If you’re afraid of something it might be a clue that that’s the direction you need to go
The most difficult person we have to deal with in negotiations is ourselves
Figure out how to move out of the survival modality to the relational modality in order to be able to reach an agreement
Relational modality is where we’re more open; where we engage
Ask yourself what you really want out of a negotiation, on a deeper level
Negotiating is an inside job that allows you do to a great job on the outside
If you can get to yes with yourself, if you can learn to influence your own natural reactions, then that allows you to reach yes with others
Einstein said, the most important question anyone of us has to answer is, is the universe friendly?
They key is to go inside ourselves and answer the question positively, that yes, the universe is positive
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