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How to Combat Hair Loss Naturally with 4 Easy Tips

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Realizing that you’re losing your hair is a traumatizing experience. One day everything’s ok; the next, your hair is coming out in clumps. This can be caused by a number of factors,such as improper nutrition, medical conditions (i.e. thyroid issues, hormone imbalances, etc.), alopecia, and even stress. Here are some tips on how to naturally tackle hair loss.
1. Visit Your Doctor
The first plan of action is to visit your doctor to be certain there aren’t any medical conditions adversely affecting your hair. If your doctor says everything is good to go, then it’s time to begin combating the issue at home.
2. Mix it Up – Naturally
Try mixing some Jamaican Black Castor Oil with Sweet Spanish Almond Oil and applying the mixture to thinning areas two times a day. After a few weeks, you should begin to notice thicker hair in those areas. I would like to note that it is important to use these exact products, as they are generally unrefined (meaning they possess all the minerals and nutrients needed to assist with hair growth) and they have some of the highest concentrations of fatty lipids essential for stronger, more resilient hair that is resistant to shedding.
3. Stop Stress at the Door
While all of us have stress at some point or another, increased and unnecessary stress is a big reason for hair loss. If you’re stressed out on a consistent basis, work to reduce this issue, or alleviate it altogether. If it is inevitable, such as work, for example, take regular time out for yourself to relax and rejuvenate. Book a once per week massage, or find a quiet place to meditate each morning. Just make sure you grab some “me-time”. This can make a huge difference in not only your hair, but also your quality of life.
4. Nourish from Inside
This is one of the most important solutions. You can use the best conditioners, pomades and serums, but if your nutrition and water intake is lacking, hair loss could certainly not be far behind. Most of us don’t get all the right vitamins and minerals our hair needs. Rather than try to figure it all out (unless you have a LOT of free time), try an all-natural hair supplement such as Hair Essentials or another supplement of choice. Taken daily, these supplements are packed with the power of all those things we don’t…

How to Combat Hair Loss Naturally with 4 Easy Tips
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