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Gas vs. charcoal: top grilling tips from the pros

Some of us are masters at open-flame cooking; and some of us… well, we just think we are. Either way, it’s never a bad idea to check in with the pros. We caught up with Bruce Bozzi Jr., fourth-generation owner of the Palm restaurants and Jim Ginocchi, owner and creator of Coyote Outdoor Living, the Dallas-based crafter of cutting-edge grills (because who better than a Texan to tell you about open-flame cooking?). They gave us for some hot, flame-licked tips on how to make this Father’s Day the juiciest, meatiest, most delicious ever. But before we get into the meaty nitty-gritty, let’s deal with the elephant on deck: gas v. charcoal. Both Ginocchi and Bozzi say it’s really a matter of personal preference. Both methods have their charms – the gas grill has ease of use and convenience; the charcoal grill offers unparalleled flavor. “Gas is perceived as easier, but as the quality of charcoal grills improves, people are coming back to it. It offers a more smoky, barbecue-y type of taste,” says Ginocchi. “Charcoal is a little more high-maintenance, though – you have to tend to the coals and make sure they’re glowing. Gas is easier in terms of on and off.” The conundrum led Ginocchi to invent a new type of grill from Coyote that came on the market this past March – a 50” hybrid, that offers a two-burner gas grill on one side, and a charcoal grill on the other. “From a taste perspective, many people prefer the smokier, richer taste of charcoal, but it’s a personal preference,” offers Bozzi. “I grill on a gas grill because I like the consistency of temperature.” Once you’ve decided how you cook your steak, here are some sure-fire tips to get your grills-gone-wild festivities in tip-top form:

Gas vs. charcoal: top grilling tips from the pros
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