FWA Water Supply Update This Week

A winter storm is forecast for Wednesday and Thursday, with up to 3 inches of precipitation and heavy snowfall predicted. Heaviest precipitation will occur in the Sierras in the Sacramento Basin. The 6- to 10-day outlook is for below normal precipitation.
CVP San Luis has filled as of January 18, at 966 taf. Reclamation is investigating other options for storing CVP supplies, including encroaching into the SWP portion of San Luis and identifying facilities to store additional water pumped under the WIIN Act.
Delta exports are currently controlled by NMFS RPA Action IV.2.3 for OMR flow management. Jones exports should continue at 3,500 cfs for the rest of this week.
A Shasta Critical Water Year is unlikely in 2018 but not impossible based on current inflow forecasts. The January 1 Bulletin 120 forecast for WY2018 inflows to Shasta at the 99% exceedance is 3,209 taf, which is just above the threshold for a Critical Year (3,200 taf). The current CNRFC inflow forecast at the 90% exceedance probability is 3,151 taf, just below the threshold.
Eight Friant districts will share 6,634 acre-feet of SJRRP Restoration Flows captured in October through December at PID and BCID facilities.
Reclamation will be issuing the initial 2018 Restoration Allocation and Default Flow Schedule shortly. This initial allocation will show a Dry water year type based on the 90% exceedance forecast and an allocation of approximately 199 TAF for Restoration Flows measured at Gravelly Ford.
Reclamation is requesting water schedules for calendar year 2018 for 35% Class 1 with carryover and 75% Class 1 with carryover. Requests need to be made to Craig Mayfield ( CMayfield@usbr.gov ) and Rufino Gonzalez ( RGonzalez@usbr.gov ) at SCCAO by Wednesday, January 24.
Friant Water Authority is working with Reclamation and SCE to clarify the potential risk of upstream operations to deliveries from Friant Dam. The previous alert on inflow impacts to Millerton has been removed until a better substantiated risk is identified.
Districts interested in receiving a share of SJRRP Restoration Flows recaptured at BCID and PID during January have until February 16 to execute a Repayment Agreement with Friant Water Authority.
Notice to contractors with carry-over at San Luis: A 150 TAF limit on Rescheduling in San Luis Reservoir may result in little or no room for rescheduling Recaptured Water past February 28.
2018 Unreleased Restoration Flow (URF) Sales Contractors will be distributed shortly by SCCAO. The upcoming URF program has few changes as compared to last year - most of the changes were…

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