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Flooring, The New Paint for Your Walls

Sure, we’ve all seen stone or brick on the walls in older houses and wood in rustic homes. Both of these products have been used for centuries as building materials and back in the day, folks didn’t bother covering up their walls like we do now. Ever since we started building with cheaper materials (such as wood framing), covering walls with drywall became a necessity.
Most people simply paint their walls and call it a day. But why settle for the ordinary when you can make your home extraordinary?
We’ve come up with a few easy DIY tricks to add a touch of detail and drama to your walls using materials that typically had been reserved for flooring… until now!
I’m not talking about backsplashes, I’m talking about a FULL WALL of tile. Backsplash tiles are generally smaller and make for a unique look when put on the walls regardless of whether the wall is big or small. Going with a larger tile, 12”x12” or greater provides a different look altogether. With so much hand painted and artistically designed tile available these days it is easy to take a boring wall and create a truly one of a kind art piece on your wall.
True, we’ve all seen Uncle Tom’s Cabin and its old cedar walls but there are some amazing products out there that provide fresh looks to any room.
Using a modern, 2¼” hardwood plank draws the eye while providing contrast to darker furniture.
Wide-plank vintage wood.
For something even more unique, try using the butt ends of 2×4’s.
Stone can be heavy. Most homes aren’t built to support the weight of a ‘real’ stone wall. So, unless you’d like to sure up the foundation of your home, I’d suggest checking out facade stone. Facade stone offers the look of a full stone wall without the weight (or cost).
Carpeting on the walls may have been in style back in the late 70’s and early 80’s, but even then it was questionable. While it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing flooring material when applied to walls it can be effective in a music space to help muffle sound.
Other flooring materials
When people say cork most people automatically think of bulletin boards.. While covering a wall with cork can create a useful and functional space, covering a wall with cork flooring can have an even more dramatic impact.
Harder than oak, more attractive than maple (arguably), it’s…

Flooring, The New Paint for Your Walls
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