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February: Open Your Heart (and this email) <3

What a special event in the sky we just had. Powerful synchronicities came together to gift us with one heck of a sight in that Blue Super Full Lunar Eclipse! Did you feel the pull? Perhaps a headache or the need for more sleep, or inability to sleep at all!
The energies are still active so there is still time to set your stones out for a beautiful moon bath tonight~ or to treat yourself to a purifying salt bath ritual. It's a great time to set a loving intention and release what needs to be released. This is the cycle's flow and this is the moon's never-ending lesson for us; growth, celebration, release, reflection.
This month's Full Moon Sound Bath and Past Life Regression events are sold out but we do have the next ones scheduled already so please RSVP >>>
Also this month, all things LOVE. Stop by for a sweet gift or schedule some loving self-care for yourself. And to delve even deeper into your self-knowing and self-love, RSVP for SPEAKING YOUR TRUTH on the 18th!
We are here for you on the journey.
Peace, Love & Wellness,

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