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5 Ecommerce Content Mistakes You're Probably Guilty Of

Ecommerce websites are arguably more complex than regular websites that are mainly comprised of a home page, an about page, a portfolio of services, and a contact information page. Aside from the usual components, they have category pages, individual product pages, shopping cart pages, thank you pages, and payment gateways, among many others.
On top of all of these, each page needs to be optimized for the web so that they may be found and displayed on the search engine results.
Business owners and website administrators also have to deal with the intense competition – the more established sites or the familiar brands. Even if your website has the best content in the form of text and images, it will be hard to rise above similar retailers especially when you belong to an extremely saturated niche.
When your developers and content people become too focused on generating sales, they sometimes tend to neglect the other factors and little nuances that they need to consider when on putting your products out there.
Here, we'll be enumerating the common content mistakes in ecommerce search engine optimization (SEO) and we'll provide examples on how they can be addressed.
1. Poorly optimized category pages
Some business owners think they don’t need to put much effort on their category pages. Think about it. When a potential customer visits your website, they don’t exactly know which product page to go to, so they’ll be relying on your top or side navigation to be directed to what they actually want to buy.
So how do you fix this? One actionable and easy to implement tactic involves categorizing your items correctly. You need to put the same products under the same category page. You can’t put things like “printers and projectors” under one category.
Your categories need to be distinct, because they need to target one keyword and its variations. Besides, no one will enter “printers and projectors” as a search query. They’ll either be searching for a printer or a projector, but probably never both at the same time.
If you don’t sort your products properly, your buyers would encounter difficulties in browsing specific items, so you also run the risk of losing customers who are browsing your site. Therefore, you should also treat categories as careful as how you’d treat your actual content.
Another practice that shouldn’t go unnoticed is the propensity of some webmasters to treat categories as mere listings of products or items on a store’s inventory. While there is…

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