Drying, Preserving Flowers, Herbs, Leaves

I love fresh flowers. But dried flowers make up about 85 percent of the arrangements in my house. Every holiday is an excuse to make a new dried flower arrangement in a vase or basket, to decorate a coffee table, or act as centerpiece on the dining room table. These arrangements are one of the reasons I love to grow flowers. When choosing and planting my flower bed, I always think ahead to the time of drying and arranging. The method you choose for drying your flowers will depend on the type of flower, and the amount of color you want to preserve. There are several ways to preserve the fresh Beauty of flowers for years in their natural vivid colors without a great deal of work or expense. The two easiest and least expensive methods are sand-drying and air-drying. Sand Drying: Sand-drying can be used to dry a wide variety of flowers, such as roses, tulips, dahlias, marigolds and snapdragons. Flowers which last only one day, like day lilies, do not dry well. Do not dry asters, azaleas,

Drying, Preserving Flowers, Herbs, Leaves
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