DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen

Here are a few suggestions to help you achieve your ultimate remodeling goals:
Visualize and map out your “dream” space.
Have a budget and stick with it.
Communicate your thoughts, concerns and wants with your remodeler.
If undergoing a major renovation, move out. This will ensure a quick finish and enable the professionals to work efficiently.
My bathroom is small, and I’m thinking about re-doing it. Should I hire a professional or do it myself?
One of the biggest trends in home renovations is doing it yourself (DIY). You should consider how large the project is and if you have the right qualifications to take on the task. It is better to start by hiring an expert, rather than having to hire professionals after a DIY project has gone bad.
Should I invest in new lighting fixtures?
Yes. Overhead light fixtures can turn any plain old bathroom into a luxurious vanity room. Think dressing room lights. Bright lights also enable a room to appear larger than usual. Different styles of fixtures can help achieve different looks. For example, Victorian fixtures add a romantic touch to the bathroom. Investing in new fixtures also could save you money if you buy fixtures that support energy-efficient bulbs.
What are some simple ways to decorate my home without major remodeling?
Here are a few tips to spruce up your home's personality:
Be creative with paint. Don't be afraid to upgrade your kitchen cabinets to a color other than wood base. For example, red and light blues are great additions to a retro-styled kitchen.
Dress up your mantle. Add your favorite photos or sculpture to personalize your home. Pile on the pillows. Don't be afraid to mix and match materials and prints. Stripes, fringe, polka dots, sparkly and ruffled patterns are all great additions to seating.
What are some simple ways to make a room “pop” and add a specific mood or ambience?
There are many easy ways to “make” a room. Here are a few of DreamMaker's favorites:
Include an indoor water feature, like a running water fountain, positioned near the foyer or dining room. Turn it on when receiving guests or during dinner. This creates a calming, soothing atmosphere.
Include rope lighting with a multi-tiered trey ceiling, turning it on during dinner. This adds to a formal, yet inviting environment.
Add bright, colorful throw pillows to your couch. This is a great way to temporarily create warmth to a typically neutral colored space.
For the kitchen, having a raised…

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