December Newsletter 2017

As this first semester comes to a close, it brings many accomplishments that certainly makes us proud to be in EISD. The combined attendance rate for the 1st and 2nd six weeks was 96.31%. I believe we all know the importance of student and staff attendance.
This semester we were informed about the future housing developments in the City of Everman that will impact district's growth for the next 1 - 3 years. Several preliminary discussions have taken place within the district and with the City of Everman regarding ways to accommodate the growth. This will impact district's facilities, roads, and current traffic patterns at our schools and throughout the city. The new housing developments will bring much excitement and unique opportunities to the district.
The winter break is almost upon us. I hope everyone stays safe while enjoying their time with family and friends. Be sure to rest up so we will be ready for another round of state assessments. I have no doubt that our students will perform well because of the quality teaching received from our teachers and the support from parents.
Let us continue to work as a team ensuring that every student is set up for success by knocking down all excuses and obstacles. Our students deserve the best!

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