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CHS 2020 Book

Most men who attended CHS in the past fifty or so years will remember "The Big Blue Doors." However, we know that those doors weren't always blue. Nailing down precisely when they went from unpainted oak to blue has been surprisingly tricky.
And so, CHS alumni and friends, I'm enlisting your help. Here you'll find a series of photos that narrows the range. I'm confident that with our combined efforts, we'll nail down the specific year...and maybe even identify the original painter!
Note: I'm aware that Father Zanoni has painted them several times over the years since his time as a Jesuit Scholastic. But our discussion left some ambiguity about the first time they were appears by someone other than him. In fact, looking at these photos together raised a few more questions than answers!
So, if you have thoughts--and especially if you have photographic clues--please comment below, or feel free to reach out to me at or @CHS2020Book on Twitter.
"You teach my grandson. Watch out for him."
"Don't let me be forgotten."
"I was king of the world, once."
"We're going to win this war."
And man, I've gotta tell you: the exuberant, vibrant eyes looking out at me, full of life and vigor and hope and potential--and maybe just a little bit of fear--are no different from those of the boys with whom I'll discuss Homer's Odyssey today. They are all Telemachus coming into his own. They are all setting sail for the consequence of things to come. And yet, they are all just kids in a very big world.
Teaching: It's not just a job; it's time travel!
Anyway...To my fellow Crusaders, I owe an apology for the dearth of updates about the book. I assure you work has been ongoing, albeit at a pace far slower than I had hoped. Research has been plodding along, and several interviews with some familiar names (e.g., Sams S.J., Lucenti, White, MacPherson) have been filling in gaps.
While the slow pace up until now has certainly amped up the pressure for my work moving forward (not necessarily a bad thing), I take comfort in knowing that my energies have been directed to a place you can all respect: today's students, and their needs. A (fairly pressing) curricular initiative related to "Digital Citizenship" has consumed much of my proverbial bandwidth this fall; now that that is well on its way, I am happy to delve fully into the more active phase of writing.

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