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Caregivers Weekly Newswire

Five Ways to Avoid Running Out of Money in Retirement: Long-term care insurance, an annuity, tapping the equity in your home, and transferring some of your assets into cash and bonds can all help. Kiplinger, July 2107.
4 Mistakes That Can Undermine Your Retirement Prospects: There's no doubt given today's rapidly evolving economy and constantly shifting markets that successfully preparing for a secure retirement can be a challenge. Real Deal Retirement, July 5.
The Part of Retirement No One Plans For: Everyone (hopefully) plans for retirement. But there's one part most people don't even think about. The Motley Fool, July 5.
Three Retirement Savings Strategies to Use if You Plan to Retire Early: Early retirees need to have a strategy to avoid 10 percent penalties for withdrawing from traditional 401(k) plans before age 55 and traditional IRAs before age 59½. CNBC, July 5.
Why Not Use Your Vacation to Plan for Retirement? Vacation can be a great - even fun - time to plan your next chapter of life. US Mews and World Report, July 7.
The Key to Setting Retirement Goals? Details: You know what you want out of retirement, right? Are you sure you know EXACTLY what you want? Having detailed goals is essential to retirement planning. Kiplinger 2017.
In Retirement, You Should Plan to Live, Not Plan to Die: There are no crystal balls to predict your lifespan. The real work begins after you've given your adviser a reasoned expectation. You can structure a good plan from there. Kiplinger 2017.
5 Challenges of Early Retirement: Early retirees can't rely on retirement benefits and need a bigger nest egg than older retirees. US News and World Report, July 3.

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