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Burgers Tonight * Art Opening Tomorrow * Cookbook Menu Series This Week!

Keep it Simple by Alastair Little
This is how the story goes. In search of an internship from The Culinary Institute of America, Matt most happily found himself under the knowledgeable wing of one of his professors, Eve Felder. Seeking her advice as to where he should spend his precious internship time, she directed him on a path that couldn’t have been more perfect, culinary wise and personally. Without a second thought off he went to learn in the kitchen of Het Pomphuis in Holland under the marvelous direction of Chef Kees Elfring . Here he learned the importance of seasonality, of letting the ingredients speak first, patience and most importantly, what it is like to be an outsider in a foreign country. The warm welcome he received from his host kitchen and the compassion he was shown by his fellow colleagues in spite of his complete inefficiency in the language, is something one most often needs to experience firsthand in order to fully grasp the positive impact of its weight. Upon leaving after an extended stay, he was given this book. Every time this book is in his hand it brings back memories of the kindness he was shown and the culinary lessons he learned.
To this day it remains one of the favorites in his collection.

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