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Ataway, Betting on the Future with Automation

Ataway, a software consulting company specialized in Back Office processes, together with Automation Anywhere , made an exclusive event for clients in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The automation of tasks using different systems is one of the greatest challenges of many organizations, so during the event, the two teams made sure to demonstrate the advantages of implementing an RPA system.
Anibal Serantes, Managing Director, and Sergio Paparelo, Commercial Manager, both from Ataway Argentina, welcomed participants from different industries such as insurance, financial services, public sector, construction, and public services. The event combined informative talks with a wine tasting and tapas in the main hall of Casa Nieto Senetiner.
The agenda covered everything from the basic concepts of process automation to client success stories, including the vision and strategy of Automation Anywhere in Latin America and the strengths of RPA automation.
The machine learning and artificial intelligence solution, IQBots, which Automation Anywhere provides for the process of unstructured information coming from documents or images, was a key differentiator in regards to other products available on the market.
Aníbal Serantes highlighted the investment in R&D that is being made in the Lab of the Service Center that Ataway has in its offices in Puerto Madero. "We are developing accelerators for the implementation of IQBots, initially for the processing of legal documentation in Argentina. This will facilitate not only a reduction in the time and costs of implementation but will also help in the adoption of the solution".
Gabriela Tornati, who leads the RPA practice in Ataway, shared: 'It is important that companies begin to move the process automation path by selecting simple processes. Once these processes begin to generate results, the organization begins the process of digital transformation, adopt this new technology, and scales the automation solution into other sectors.
The interest in the subject of automation and machine learning generated in the participants opened the possibility of enriching the conversations with experiences and questions and allowed to share own processes of each company as possible candidates to be automated.
Damián Jankowski, Ataway's Chief Operating Officer, explains: "We chose to work with Automation Anywhere because we are looking for an agnostic tool that allows to automate processes and integrate the solutions already installed in our customers. The reality is that there is a lot of technology in the market, but Automation Anywhere has the facility to automate processes in a very simple way, eliminating repetitive actions. When we show customers the benefits of investing in RPA…

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