$1.5b San Diego waterfront project to break ground

Manchester Financial Group’s $1.5 billion San Diego waterfront development will break ground in June.
The Manchester Pacific Gateway project will cover eight city blocks at the waterfront and contain seven buildings, including a 17-story class A office building that will replace the Navy Broadway Complex and serve as the Navy’s regional headquarters.
More than four acres of the project will be dedicated to public open space, including a 1.9-acre plaza on the waterfront at the foot of Broadway along Harbor Drive.
The Manchester Pacific Gateway will include the following:
Size and location: 12.07 acres on the waterfront bounded by Broadway, Pacific Highway and Harbor Drive.
Block 1: 1.9-acre plaza; 29-story, 524,000-square-foot office tower; 93,000 square feet of retail; 188,000-square-foot luxury boutique hotel with 260 rooms.
Block 2: 29-story, 1.1 million-square-foot convention center hotel with 1,100 rooms; 70,000 square feet of supporting retail.
Block 3: Eight-story, 178,000-square-foot office building and 81,000 square feet of retail; 17-story, 372,000-square-foot Navy headquarters in a class A building.
Block 4: Six-story, 153,000-square-foot office tower; and 147,000 square feet of retail.

$1.5b San Diego waterfront project to break ground
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