2018 Make An Impact Scholarships winners announced

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2018 Make An Impact Scholarships winners announced
In total, 120 Modern Woodmen members were awarded with 2018’s Make An Impact Scholarships. Congratulations to the recipients!
At Modern Woodmen of America, we believe in making an impact. That’s why we reward member students each year through Make An Impact Scholarships.
Make An Impact Scholarships help young members pay for college and pursue their dreams. And with an emphasis on volunteer experience, we’re rewarding those who are making an impact in their local communities.
You give back to your community. We give back to you. Together we make an impact.
High school seniors can apply for the annually awarded scholarships. Two types of scholarships allow members to find the path that’s right for them.
Scholarship option 1: Volunteer experience + academic achievement
Winners are chosen based on volunteer experience and academic achievement. Structured as a competition, Modern Woodmen awarded six $10,000 scholarships, six $7,500 scholarships, six $5,000 scholarships and 12 $2,500 scholarships this school year.
Scholarship option 2: Volunteer experience
Winners are chosen based on volunteer experience. This year, 90 member students were awarded with $1,000.
Modern Woodmen divides the country into six regions. Although the regions are not equal in geographic size, they have been carefully established so that the number of eligible students in each region is approximately equal.
Go to member.modern-woodmen.org for complete details and eligibility requirements. Program is subject to change at any time.
Congratulations to the recipients of Modern Woodmen’s 2018 Make An Impact Scholarships!
Hear from some of our volunteer experience + academic achievement recipients.
Region 1 winners
Connecticut, Delaware, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, D.C., West Virginia and areas outside the contiguous United States
Volunteer experience + academic achievement

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