2018 Customer Experience Trends

Most executives talk about improving the customer experience—even of creating the quintessential customer experience—but too few walk the talk when it comes to developing and implementing strategies, policies, and training initiatives that can truly make a difference. Some exceptional firms are going all-out and competition dictates others will either catch up or fade away. Review these 2018 Customer Experience Trends for what’s fresh, viable, and essential to staying in the game.
The On-Demand Economy Expands
We’re all working longer hours, and we can use a little specialized assistance to make our lives easier. Sittercity is your Saturday-night hero. The company connects babysitters and parents, and its Chime service offers well-reviewed sitters who are nearby and available immediately. Meanwhile, Glamsquad delivers professional hair stylists and makeup artists to your door, with appointments booked via app or online. Uber is partnering with the likes of GoGoGrandparent to create hotlines seniors can call if they can’t or prefer not to use a smartphone to hail a ride. Whether you call it the Gig, Shared, or On-Demand Economy, customers are embracing these services, and a bottomless pool of independent workers are earning money on their own schedules while serving consumers who have no time left in theirs.
Voice Assistant Technology Is Here to Stay
Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Echo are fighting to be Voice Assistant King. Marriott is testing both devices to determine which works more effectively in helping guests turn on lights, close drapes, control the temperature, change television channels, and order room service. The winning company will have a head start in promoting their devices and penetrating the smart home technology market. One key facet of the test evaluates how easy it is for guests to log into their various personal accounts, allowing them to get the content they want rather than find themselves stuck with whatever the hotel offers. Regardless of which device wins the Marriott competition, voice assistants that listen and respond effectively are here to stay.
Service Associates’ Reviews Become Portable
Good reviews hold tremendous value, and reviews specific to staff members are terrific motivators, too. Denmark’s Servicelovers is a firm that wants to change customer service through positive feedback. The company permits patrons of any business to rate and recommend high-performing associates, and the reviews may be freely used by both employer and employee. The reviews are portable, too: if an associate who received rave reviews while working at a retailer seeks new employment, s/he can showcase the feedback to prospective employers via a…

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