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2017 ERLC National Conference

Keynote | Russell Moore | Cross-Shaped ParentingTalk | Jim Daly | How to Build a Thriving FamilyTalk | Randall Goodgame | Slugs and Bugs: Saturating Children with ScriptureTalk | Nancy Guthrie | Parenting through the Hard SeasonsTalk | Ben Stuart | God, Guys, and Girls: Pursuing Sexual Purity in a Porn CultureTalk | Todd Wagner | Pressing On when You Fail as a ParentPanel | Talking to Your Kids about Difficult Issues | Dan Darling, Naomi Overton, David Prince, Chip Dean, and Randy Stinson(Dinner Break)THURSDAY, AUGUST 24 | EVENING SESSION | 7:00-9:20 P.M.Talk | John Stonestreet | A...

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