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Massport has started designing a 1,500-space garage for Seaport — just don’t call it a garage.

My project is an Android Controlled Garage Door Opener. This type of project has been done before, but with extensive hardware, such arduino boards, servers, etc...

Your garage door is not working properly. Before you call a technician, try these troubleshooting tips, which may help fix your opener, the door and more.

Garage door remote controls also include exterior key pads. Open your garage door just by entering your confidential PIN.

These tips will help you reduce the clutter and get your garage back in order.

Take back control over your garage! Organize to make room for the cars or convert it into a living space. Enjoy these great garage makeovers from top DIY Network shows.

If your garage has become a collection point for all the junk that you don?t know what you do with, watch this video on how to make it one of the most util

Ever heard of a garage home office? Well, you have now and we'll show you how to make it fun AND functional!

The public is advised to use Old School Square Parking Garage, 95 NE 1st Avenue, for parking prior to 11am on the scheduled maintenance dates.
NOTE: The City will not be responsible for any damage that may occur to vehicles that are parked in the Federspiel Garage during the scheduled maintenance.
Routine maintenance is necessary to ensure the continued safety of our customers and their vehicles. For more information, call (561) 243-7190.

Ban boring garage doors by choosing a style with windows, molding details, or great hardware. Take a look at some of our favorites, and find inspiration to enhance your home's exterior!

It’s a fact: I don’t like to pay someone else to do something that I can do better. Well, at least that’s the theory. The reality is that I’m cheap, and I hate to let my money go on long trips without me. So, I often repair things that I should never mess with, just to save a few bucks. A classic example of my penny-pinching foolishness dates from about 1986, when I tried to repair my own garage door.

Troubleshooting your garage door: Repair your garage door problems with our Do-It-Yourself instructions and our garage door replacement parts.

If shared fleets of self-driving cars really do hit the streets in the next decade, some big changes are on the horizon. One of the biggest is that individual car ownership will become much less co…

Garage Door Care provides information on how garage doors work, how to care for your garage door and garage door opener, garage door safety, garage door maintenance and garage door care.

The garage generally is not a safe place for an unsupervised young child to be, and it's best to keep it off-limits to her.

On Google's 15th birthday, we revisit the Google Garage where it all began.

Not sure which garage door goes best with your home's style? Browse our look book for inspiration.

Find garage sales, yard sales and estate sales in your area by viewing a map. Plan your next weekend bargain hunting trip on

Summertime means bike rides, yard work and DIY projects on the weekend. Before you turn your family loose in the garage to pull out their gear, safeguard them from injury with these five tips to organize the garage.